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I do not know and fail to see why the snap amount is relavant.If the benefit is receivayed due to fraud or laziness I don't want to pay for it. Im somewhat confused about the attacks. As I stated earl + 258 more characters
So everyone should be drawing government benefits. No one is cheating the system. When the government runs out of rich peoples money they will come for yours. Maybe Greece will bail us out. The status + 240 more characters
Last month I was shopping in the local grocery store in the store made an announcement at the ebt/ food stamp program computers were down. the store almost emptied out the people just abandoned their + 317 more characters
I absolutely have no problem helping people that need help. I live in Columbus Ohio now which is a very large city And I see people on a daily basis that are gaming the system. I have personally been + 549 more characters
Over five thousand years ago, Moses said to the children of Israel , "Pick up your shovels, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the Promised Land." Nearly 75 years ago, (when Welfare w + 609 more characters
Yes she is living in butte
I'm his brother Forrest, He owns a transmission shop in utah,
Please don't change it till I get to watch the 4th of july parade. BTW my daughter who is stationed in Iraq plans to watch also. I retired after 20 yrs in the army and we didn't have the internet lol.
I found this on a yahoo Montana history group and its pretty good.
I'm from miles city and lived at 1015 Orr ST till 73 when I joined the army. Could someone with a digital camera take some specific pics for me and email them? If your willing to help please email me + 50 more characters
John Kuntz 18 years ago
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I saw a John Kuntz listed as a new member. If he is the same John Kuntz I knew while growing up in Miles City I hope he contacts me! Is there any way to see who the members are? A chat room would be f + 6 more characters
I hope you get this reply. My Father ran the Montana Theatre and I knew your Aunt and Lyman. Her Apartment was accrssable via a door next to the projection booth. I remember helping my father move fur + 24 more characters
I have an old whiskey bottle from the milligan house. I know its from there because it says "when I'm empty bring me back to the Milligan House for a refill"
I remember Francis as a kind, funny man. I was about 10 or so I suppose and he showed me how to get a worn out pair of shoes to sparkle!. I'm retired from the Army so I suppose it was time well spent.
Wow My mom used to waitress at the 10 spot! They had GREAT burgers there. She also waitressed at the Range Riders back when it had a resteraunt. I wonder what ever happened to all the pictures of the + 482 more characters
My father Ralph Lab ran the Montana theatre for 15 years and I grew up there. My brothers and I spent part of every weekend helping my dad and grtandfather clean and maintain the theatre. I have been + 1112 more characters
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