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Dang. Now where will I get the biased Griz sports news?
Dear Bully Bullier - Thank you for starting this thread. It has amused me all afternoon. As far as I can tell, the Missoula campus might be one of the safer campuses across the country, due to the bri + 364 more characters
I do agree with Hannah Nash's point of view, but her phrase Ignorance IS ignornace did make me laugh out loud.
Ruffles potato chips and ranch dip.
I don't understand why a Seahawks fan would be so embarrassed. They didn't make the call.
I appreciate Gunnar's sarcasm 98% of the time.
hahaha. That made me laugh Bridgier!
I think you should post some of the pictures of the rude people.
80 rapes in 3 years is high. It's not just the police department but the county attorney's office too. Seems like you would prosecute some of those cases.
It was the NewsNook at least from 1979-1982, the years I went to high school there. It was owned by my cousin, Cindy Field, who bought it from Benaskys. My mom worked there and I worked there sometim + 190 more characters
Jailhouse BadBoy King. I like it.
Don't quit your day job.
I too kept reading this thread in hopes of a downward spiral... and thank goodness... that's right where it went
@ muletrain "And to all you Cat fans, talking sh*t, just remember it wasn't long ago your players were busted dealing meth and coke...hell one of your own recruits was busted in Kalispel before the se + 330 more characters
Muletrain - Are you saying the Griz WILL BEAT E.W. at home this year just like you said last year that the Griz WILL BEAT the Cats at home?
Did you see DE Josh Harris (projected starter) is out for the year with an injury?
Andrew - I'm sure you're dad's really proud of you after that wonderful post. Yes, everyone does make some dumb decisions. Usually afterwards, a person realizes the mistake and tries to make amends. Y + 99 more characters
RE: Regret 12 years ago
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I love the Nietzsche quote, Levi!
I wish the Zac Brown band would have won a couple. I like their style. Taylor Swift didn't sound very good on the show.
We saw Junior Brown at the Country Jam this summer by Three Forks and he was really good!!
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