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hmmm...I don't know about that.
I guess I just don't understand why you'd lie about your prom queen. I don't think it is particularly funny. I know who your prom queen was and she was most definitely not a drug user. If you really t + 57 more characters
What decade are you thinking of?
Bucking Horse Sale can't really be explained. It is something you MUST MUST MUST experience for yourself. It is without a doubt the biggest thing to happen in Miles City every year. There is a bucking + 185 more characters
I'm not saying someone didn't die of a drug overdose, but they weren't prom queen.
Just a question Van, in what decade did you graduate? Because if you are talking about who I think you are talking about, you are actually wrong.
It has gotten so bad that I am embarassed to say I am a Miles Citian!
Does anyone know who the new Prom King and Queen are?
"It could be worse?" Thanks, Betty, but that is like telling someone that they are lucky only their mom got killed, because it could've been the whole family!
I think Simon knows exactly what he is saying every time he opens his mouth. I'm amazed that everyone boos him all the time, but he has the power to make or break a contestant. If he tells them they a + 275 more characters
Last year's finale had more voters than the past two presidentil elections - COMBINED! It is kinda sad. Although, you can vote more than once on idol. It makes you wonder what would happen if we voted + 78 more characters
I actually kind of like number 3. But I think all of them sort of say, "Don't go to Eastern Montana - there is NOTHING there."
I'm pretty sure Buck already did mention Larry. Oh well.
Does anyone know if there is going to be a 30 year reunion for the class of '76 this summer?
There are few things that make someone sound as old and cranky as a blabbering speech about "kids today." I respect the current generation of children who can navigate a computer system faster than mo + 580 more characters
Are you serious, Chad? You really think you have the right to correct someone's spelling/grammar? Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black!?!?
I do think it sounds pretty ridiculous that Scott's would fire employees for smoking off the job. But then I thought about the ways in which smoking, even off the job, can affect work. It is usually q + 982 more characters
Oh, Van!!! You would sound much more intelligent if you could (1) spell - Figle? It is "vigil," you weren't even close. (2) correctly use "their" and "there." I'm pretty sure you should've learned the + 38 more characters
I agree, Van. The mayor makes himself look stupid, which, in turn, makes the city look stupid for voting for him.
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