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Thanks everyone!
I know Miles City has a day or 2 each year for cleaning up the town and you can take things to the dump free of charge. Does anyone know when this is?
What is the date?
Thanks for all the help. At least thanks to most of you.....just kidding.
best site? 14 years ago
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We want to ge to Vegas for the NASCAR race. Anyone know a good site to get airline and motel tickets?
Kyle Busch is going to run away with it this year! I do like Carl Edwards also.
How old do they have to be? What does it cost? Where are sign ups at? Thanks
Are kids welcome?
Was I an adult at age 17? At that time I sure thought I was!!!! I knew it all, and was invinsable! Looking back, I was no where close to being an adult, and thank God for that. I'm glad I wasn't think + 144 more characters
I agree with Levi regarding Kasey's last comment. You are basically saying the parents are at fault for the way they are raising their kids. I know I came from a very good and respectable family. I kn + 917 more characters
Cant do it. Whats the secret?
Yes, there are nascar fans in Miles City. I am a big nascar fan, and didn't miss watching a single race this year! Relax, the season is over for a few months now!
Thanks for clearing that up. I was a little confused.
Thanks. The information on that site isn't correct though. We do have 5 kids and so far none go to Pine Hills, thank God. Also, its a 4 bedroom with family room plus a 2 bedroom apt upstairs. Any othe + 8 more characters
Anyone know the history of the house at 218 N Prairie? How could I find this out?
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