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I just read on Facebook that the Eaglet is no longer there and they do not know what happened to it. For the past few years, I enjoyed watching those baby Eaglets grow and leave the nest.
Eagles Nest 11 months ago
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What happened to the baby eagle? Looking at the nest, I don't see it or any adult eagles.
The Hawley Hotel building looked quite nice in the picture--thank you for posting it. If you have any more pictures/post cards of old buildings in Miles City, we would appreciate it if you would post + 105 more characters
What happened to the camera on the eagles nest?
I agree with you Amorette, the old ceilings were way more interesting and appealing.
Just saw the mother eagle feeding two babies. There is an egg in the nest that has not hatched yet.
When I saw the eggs, I believe there were three. From the time the eagles mate until the first egg is layed, it is around 5-10 days. It takes about 35 days for the eggs to hatch.
Yes, they are in their nest. I noticed them about two weeks ago.
The boiler is broke and they are going to get it fixed so there is heat in the building.
The Web Cam is up and running.
I agree with you Amorette. The corner entry really looked nice.
Yesterday I saw the mother eagle feeding one baby.
Thank you Dave for sharing the information.
When Dr. Sadie passed on, was she buried here in Miles City?
Betty Randall and I were the adult leaders of the Prairie Scooters 4-H Club during this period of time. The Bonine children were tough competition because they did an excellent job on all their 4-H pr + 7 more characters
Thank you for putting this video on this site. I have never seen it before.
Fantastic job. It looks great.
Please keep the filter in place.
We ate at the Tilt last night. The food was very good and our waiter was excellent. Very nice environment.
Richard, that was a good one.
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