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The last post about Holy Rosary Hospital reminded me of what used to be in the 700 block of South Strevell between Comstock and Brisbin. In the late 60's I remember riding my bike / tricycle along the + 135 more characters
I always liked Kadena's in Missoula, Toi's Tai Cousine in Helena is good, Enzo's in Billings, buffets at the Gold Rush Casino in uptown Butte (also the Uptown Cafe in Butte). The Early Bird Cafe in He + 69 more characters
hot pistol?
squirt gun?
Here's a few I remember: Irene Norem - retired but subbed in the late 60s / early 70s - drove a 71 Monte Carlo (cherry) and her hair was as black as the vinal top. Evelyn Keating, Phadoris Timmer (Hey + 195 more characters
Shu mentioned the Milligan Hotel/Mode O Day/Mc Donalds building. I think there used to be a Met Cafe before the McDonalds store. Food was served cafeteria style, and excellent. Didn't eat out much bac + 77 more characters
You don't get a better buffalo chicken salad anywhere - fresh meat and plenty of it....for $7.95? Can't touch that price anywhere, and it didn't seem like typical Sysco / Food Services of America genr + 227 more characters
Miles City did/does have the colorful characters. There was a big guy that rode a bicycle all over and would stop, pick up his bike and hold it over his head in the middle of the intersection - usuall + 454 more characters
Yes this is a major fatalities hopefully. Bozo the Welder - Loved that one! MAJOR kick out of seeing all the familiar names in the BLOGS! And the YOU TUBEs are great! Where's Bobby Kinny?
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