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I am posting for a friend who is looking for a ride to Billings for a dental appointment on the 3rd of August. If anyone is going that way and could help out, it would be greatly appreciated. You woul + 104 more characters
Thank You. This will help.
Those of you who obtain a space in the home show building to set up your personal business, example MaryKay..how much is it to rent a space, and who does one need to call to get any paper work to comp + 51 more characters
I do believe this is a scam being as it was a pre-recorded message saying to call "306-851-1351 for more information. Once again this is the IRS and you are being sued, for more information call, (rep + 83 more characters
Where other churches aware that Crystal was going to be in town speaking last night? I would have loved to hear her speak. Unfortunately, by the time I sat down to read my newspaper it was to late. Ha + 289 more characters
I thought the rules said employees of the radio or star couldn't claim the prize? Or is it just the radio and the main staff of the star that can't claim the prize? Aren't paper carriers and those who + 62 more characters
Are the vaccinations going to run $25 or $30?
Just wondering if there's a drive throw flue vaccination planned for this year.
Just wondering if there is going to be other bazars/vendor shows going on over Thanksgiving weekend other then the one at MCC.
Was advertised in the News paper or on Face Book? I missed it
How long will the Cowboy's be selling the cards?
Residents at 1816 Riverside St. would like 2 cards.
Even if you can only help our for one day or a couple hours, please volunteer. You will be glad you did.
I too am an ex-employee. I agree that most of us that opened the store have left. I personally left because they would not work around my appointment that I had prior to getting hired. During the inte + 442 more characters
If it's the one I think your talking about, it was done bye Buddy Ulrich, and it's spray paint.
steve m. 9 years ago
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Should one be worried about Steve M.? I keep hearing a lot of business don't want him hanging around.
Sad that M.C. doesn't have something to offer. Wishing I lived in Forsyth right now.
Is there still a group that meets for water aerobics? I know there use to be a small group that met at Econno Lodge.
I think one can go down or call the courthouse and pick up a drives manual to read through. Then all you need to do is call and set up an appointment to take the written test and if passed you will ge + 192 more characters
This area when my mom was used for ice skating. The swing set is still there but the swings have been cut leaving only the chains dangling. The other sad thing about this area is when Railcar opens t + 85 more characters
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