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Often times I have wondered how a buff hunter could make a stand and kill so many but once upon a time I was pulling targets for a buddy who was shooting a Sharps back at the 300 yard range. Remmember + 1555 more characters
I've read that one to. I still think of Frank H. Mayer as the greatest however simply because he hunted the "buffs" longer than any of the others and lived to tell about it! Born in 1850, same year as + 1018 more characters
If you wish to read a good accounting of the "Liver Eaters" history....order "Crow Killer" from Amazon.com The writings are backed up by extensive interviews with those that lived with and knew him!
The general perception that William F. Cody was the most famous buffalo hunter is in error. The most famous buffalo hunter of all time was a gentleman named Frank H. Mayer. Below is a brief history: F + 3909 more characters
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