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Maybe he didn't take drugs himself but sold them.
Thanks for the information John. I hope the glass recycling starts up again soon, until than I will continue to bring mine in to be crushed. Could you tell us why EMI doesn't take #1 plastics, I tho + 84 more characters
Correct me if I'm wrong but several years ago I was told by an EMI employee that Coors Brewing stopped picking up their glass bottles so all glass left at EMI was crushed and sent to the landfill. Doe + 223 more characters
I didn't think the desserts lived up to the "Gourmet desserts" as advertised, they just seemed like things I would make in my own kitchen but with whip cream on top. Of course the night I went they di + 171 more characters
Steve that would have been funny if you used the right name, Bristol. Now you are just as bad as Letterman!
This was a great show. If tickets are still available I would recommend that folks check it out but pay attention to detail as you can help solve the crime.
Someone told me the fire dept. didn't do that anymore and that the sheriff's office was taking it over. If that is correct than you want the courthouse annex.
I always found it odd that something that often deals with life or death choices is run for profit. In dealing with my own insurance, which I feel is very good coverage, I often have to complete forms + 355 more characters
They are open right now! I was just in there picking up bread about 20 minutes ago.
I'm not a fan of Cheney by any means but I'm sure he said this same thing in the VP debate back in 2004. It is about the only thing I like about him so it is easy to remember he said it before but I'm + 41 more characters
It sounds like no one from went to this and no one else I talked to went either. That's too bad it was such a poor turn out after Dick paid for that radio ad to get his supporters out th + 33 more characters
How did Dick's protest turn out on Saturday? Did many of you attend it?
Sorry, Jody but I agree with Wendy. I support Dr. Rauh too but 4 to 5 threads about the same subject is just clogging up the works. Especially when someone has new information and post it on all those + 310 more characters
I heard it but didn't pay too much attention to the details. He said Saturday but where and what time I can't remember. He also said he was hoping to get arrested for this but promised no one else wou + 21 more characters
Dr. Van Marel's place is up for sale. I don't know what he paid for it but it is listed at 649,000 and sits on just over 27 acres. That seems kind of high for Custer County, at least it does to me.
You can also try Ed at The Tree Climber 234-4153. I do believe is a Certified Arborist.
My neighbor said it is May 8 & 9
RE: Peeps 13 years ago
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We use to put them in the microwave to make them soft and extra chewy. It was fun to watch them blow up like a balloon.
I know one person who is highly educated (having an advanced degree) but has trouble spelling due to a learning disability. He uses spell check at work but doesn't use it a lot in his personal communi + 177 more characters
Thanks for the help Wendy. My husband and I are going for the Marathon and will need a good carb fix.
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