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I believe the company was obligated to bring in another P-38 N34993 to fulfill their contract. I presume it was based in Miles City but the records show it in Montana in November. I would presume that + 209 more characters
Very cool Fred. Somewhere in that pile of junk was probably the data plate that would have identified the plane but it is possible that the CAA investigator may have taken it. We are presently conside + 554 more characters
The Montana historical society say that have nothing on this incident so that book is closed I guess. ed
Rob, I sent an inquiry to the Hist Society. Will see what turns up there. Just FYI I found the newspaper article which states that there were four witnesses: Ms. Hugh Gookin Albert Johnson Harold Thom + 215 more characters
Fred, Thanks so much for your interest. I was glad that you were able to find my website. At least I know that the search engines are getting there. As far as we know there is only one airplane missin + 770 more characters
Rob, Thanks for your interest and reply. There seems to be a good deal of information about plane crashes in the Miles City area but nothing much on this event. We did get reply's from a couple of guy + 1353 more characters
FAA records have been lost according to them. Still trying to identify the airplane. I have been in contact with the heirs who have given me pictures of the pilot but when he was flying B-24's.
I have been searching for a crash a year earlier. A Lockheed P-38 Lightning photo plane operating from Miles City crashed into the river on September 26, 1952 killing the pilot. I have never been able + 113 more characters
On September 26, 1952 a young man named Jack Tagan from Boston crashed an airplane into the river after departing Miles City. I have been searching for any information regarding the crash, pictures, a + 536 more characters
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