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Either, all you need is the points section that has dotted lines around it. Thanks for saving. Campbell's soup & Boxtops for Education help the schools tremendously. The Boxtops are great because they + 157 more characters
RE: why?? 10 years ago
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Anyone know why the VA housing units by MCC are sitting empty? They used to be rentals that don't currently appear to be used......
I have taken my Chihuahuas to both East Main & Miles City Vet & have been happy with both. Dr. Ryan spayed 2 & the other was spayed by one of the women who's name escapes me right now. Catherine at Ea + 278 more characters
Maybe this would be worth it with the housing need there seems to be in Miles City right now?
I was watching it & thinking I should have called them before selling/giving away my parents lifelong collection. Good luck!
Family clothing & shoes
Tanks,Dan, for sharing.
My snowblower was the large size requiring multiple people to lift it into a vehicle which would need to be a pickup. It was in my yard that has a motion light with a street light not far away. It was + 424 more characters
There are so many things being stolen and vandalized that I think the community really needs to band together to catch whoever is doing this. The neighborhood watch concept. I'm thinking paintball gun + 330 more characters
Try checking at the counting clerk & recorder's office.
There are new managers at the New Hunan. They are VERY NICE. Very similar to the original couple that started the New Hunan. EVERYONE should give them a try if you haven't in the last 2-3 months. They + 531 more characters
Rachel if you have rented elsewhere while having your dog, the landlords should be willing to give you references if your dog did not cause any damage. This might go a long way towards making your cas + 50 more characters
Dr. Wallick is good if you're like me & prefer manual manipulation. Dr. Wagner is great if you prefer the "thumper" as I call it
The Elks Lodge also has space to rent for events Call Rita Sayre in the phonebook under Rita's Travel Service
Thanks, John, the second address at least lets you get an idea how amazing the show was! As good as any Super Bowl half-time show we've seen ( even if I am a little prejudiced) Go CCDHS Band!!!!!
You could contact [email protected] McClelland for your Kenmore products.
Butcher Block has done our family's meat for years. Wild as well as domestic & trust me, my dad was picky!!!!!
Open mic will start again next Friday, I believe.
Have they had a medical checkup lately? Not to scare you but these can be early symptoms of dementia especially unhealthy treatment of food.
Way to go! What talented kids we have in Custer County!!!!
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