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I heard the power outages were planned. For how long?
Always great Service from Cliff!
What is it ?
PLEASE! PRINT> CUT> REDEED BELOW >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Milescity.com>>>MM Redeem this flyer with your purchase and Pizza Hut will donate 20% back to Relay for Life Team SLICE CANCER Good on Dine-in, Delivery, and Carryout MI + 115 more characters
Go talk to Jason at Pizza Hut again. He has given his limit on pizza donations for April and May but he would be able to donate salads or veggies. Let me know if I can help with anything too. I could + 65 more characters
Wednesday 4/24, 3pm -9pm, fundraiser at Pizza Hut for the Slice Cancer Relay team. Present the fundraiser flier when you order and 20% will be donated to Relay for Life. Dine in, carry out or delivery + 30 more characters
My bike was stolen too. It was very personalized. Some kids stole it from my place of work. A week later a group of boys went driving by my house on it. I followed them and took it back, they tried to + 342 more characters
It is at the Methodist Church across from M&H. 9:30a.m.-11a.m., Activities, crafts and snacks avalible. Parents visit while kids play. It is great! If you have more questions call Robin or Kim at 234- + 5 more characters
That was my Sister in Law, Suzy Limesand. She was a great person with two beautiful kids! He thought he could get away with this horrible crime and after 4 years, we thought he did!
I agree with that! When Whitney came out with the movie Bodyguard and then the soundtrack, it was over played so much! In Glendive the station had three CDs a week. The first one was last weeks top 40 + 273 more characters
You can sign up and pay at RedRock Sporting Goods. The cost is $40 a year I believe.
RE: Judo 11 years ago
in Sports & Recreation
How young would she be willing to teach. I have kids that loved tumbling and would like to go into Judo for the flexiblity. They are 6 and 8 years of age now. Also, do you know the cost and how often + 28 more characters
yes, but it was a 35 yr old male (name withheld) and at spotted eagle I believe. A friend of ours was close to his family. He left behind a 12 yr old boy. Another friend reminded me today that Miles C + 192 more characters
Festival 12 years ago
in General Discussion
So I was thinking about how Miles City could have a Festival to celebrate something other than the mosquito! I talked with several friends and we came up with a Zucchini Festival. Think about it every + 465 more characters
I've been to 36 states and sampled around 3-4 pizzas a week average for the last 15 years. You name the location or restuarant and I've probably ate there. I have to agree as far as pizzas go the Powd + 218 more characters
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