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Regan on BHO "But he never blatantly attacked our form of government." Bulls**t. That Marxist-Communist was the worst thing that ever happened to this Country on so many levels. He is the reason the + 838 more characters
TDS much Mr. Regan? What "damage" to "our form of government" has Trump managed to accomplish in two short years? Be specific and cite credible references, please. How would any individual action by + 494 more characters
When I was a student of Anthropology wwwaaaayyy back in the Dark Ages, the teaching was that there was only ONE Universal Law found in every known Culture. That was referred to as the "Golden Rule" an + 473 more characters
J.D. Edwards is Oracle's bastard child. The three letter searches sound familiar. I believe that was one of the "labor-saving" devices programmed into JDE. Yes, I had the paper option at the time wit + 192 more characters
I worked at two different mines that got sold a bill of goods to institute J.D. Edwards supply chain management software. Both spent millions on the software and a team of programmers that became oper + 2102 more characters
"Dialog for Dummies" by Gunnar Emilsson That'll work! Start with a good case of TDS!
HaHa! A Wikipedia Master pointing fingers.. How about this: Since all you gents claim to be such fountains of historical knowledge, tell me..... What self-respecting Son of the Confederacy would ever + 571 more characters
If you had ever done any research, you would know that claim is the biggest pile of BS propaganda that the Left ever promoted to cover the Democrat roots in slavery, the KKK and Jim Crow. A place the + 123 more characters
That's right, Gunnar The Southern Democrat who killed the Republican President that freed the slaves. Did you forget that or didn't they teach history at Custer? You boys are so predictable. When yo + 195 more characters
Since you boys claim the ficticious "moral superiority" of the Left, you get the baggage claim as well. U.S. politics Bridgier? Look up John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, etc. The Left has a rich h + 38 more characters
First of all, none of you Leftists get to run away from the fact that the greatest mass killings in the history of the planet were carried out by Leftists. Your pals Stalin and Mao with a few dozen mi + 1810 more characters
Are you serious? Are you seriously that ignorant? I guess you must be. You wrote that... That's what hate does for you, Bridgier. It makes you stupid and irrelevant. I have to be as stupid to even r + 15 more characters
My my, Bridgier. What a hateful little troll you've turned into. It always makes my day to see one of Milescity.com's self-anointed paragons of virtue in a slobbering rage, yearning for agony and dea + 208 more characters
The only morons in this equation are the ones who still try to do any type of resource development in Montana. To the rest of the World, Montana has been off the corporate agenda for 40 years. It's a + 91 more characters
Perfect. In keeping with the Montana tradition of being in love with business unfriendly, job killing legislation, this should effectively take care of Stillwater, Golden Sunlight and Montana Resourc + 715 more characters
Since being elected, Tester had quadrupled his net worth by 2015, according to Opensecrets. He managed to do that on an annual salary of $174,000. It has been well documented that Tester takes large d + 231 more characters
A very weak selection this year, but here's another for Rundgren Many Moons ago, KLOS FM 95.5 in L.A. used to play this at 3:30 every Friday afternoon to kick off the weekend. Every radio on the mine + 58 more characters
Don't s**t me Bridgier. You know exactly what this was. It was a carefully planned and executed tactic to destroy whomever Trump nominated to the Court. The fact that you would condone this kind of d + 470 more characters
It's irrelevant anyway Richard. When all the temperature data has been "adjusted" up or down to fit the model, reporting units are inconsequential.
I would think everyone here would be more concerned about the death of due process in America. Guilty until proven innocent is the new normal. How do you like 'er out West, Bridgier?
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