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My husband wanted to help Keith & Connie somehow so he mowed their lawn today. Not sure about the watering of yard or flowers, but more than willing to do that as well.
Karla,,, we had a young guy in our neighborhood Saturday- said he was from Estonia,,,, staying with local family whom he named,,,trying to sell us educational resources\tools. I opted not to purchase + 222 more characters
Thank You!
Jeri, I'm certain they would not turn away a donation if you would still like to help these kids out! I do know that they will also be selling candles in the next few weeks as an additional fund rais + 500 more characters
Indeed this class should be recognized for their hard work. I'm guessing each of the schools recognized Earth Day in some way ~ I would like to add that each of the 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classes at + 265 more characters
Very well stated Denise,, I couldn't agree with you more.
Reynolds Grocery also carries this type of Coke,, in the same section as all of the other soda pop~
Ditto the previous post. Very slippery, and not much more than 45 mph.
I would contact the high school business office. If I remember right, they only have drivers ed sessions during the school yr, with the exception of the last session which extends into the first or se + 86 more characters
Brady, I thought you had the video
Our Lumix digital camera (and digital card) are lost. The last time I used it was to make photos at the digital photo machine at Reynolds Grocery. I believe it was placed on the photo machine while I + 355 more characters
Mollie & Amorette are correct. My dad, Larry Tucker, built and welded that cross for the Trinity Lutheran Church youth group back when I was in 7th grade(25+ yrs ago). He also maintained it while he w + 441 more characters
We've had two different vehicles hit while parked in front of our house. First time hit and run. Second time they would have liked to run, unfortunately,, my husband is a night owl and heard the cras + 147 more characters
Dr. Kovacs and his staff are outstanding. And the new local office for ongoing visits is very handy ~(after braces are initially put on as mentioned above) They have been super to work with and very f + 81 more characters
There was an article in the Wednesday night Miles City Star newspaper. What kind of info do you want? The article states the store is open to children 4 yrs to 10 yrs of age on Saturday 12-05-09 from + 571 more characters
Jill - I"m right there with you. Thanksgiving was the last holiday I spent with my Dad, and he passed away 4 days after the holiday. I disliked Thanksgiving for a long time, but now I am like you, and + 293 more characters
Two favorites, and I don't remember what years I received them,,, The original Easy Bake Oven and another year was a "Chrissy Doll" that you could make her hair grow or you could shorten it again.
Bart, you can send those two sweet children of yours over anytime and they can collect their goodies, No costume required!
Our grand total of ghosts and goblins was 3 There was a monk, a pirate, and a whoopie cushion!
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