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I have known Krissy for years and what a wonderful and full of life person to have known! I am glad that I was able to see her at this years Bucking Horse sale and meet her hubby and get a picture of + 94 more characters
We did have a Mexican resturant a long time ago, I was the cook there. It was called DOS BANDITOS I love mexican food - expecially carne asada
My favs are Good Bad & the Ugly Lonesome Dove - Open Range Comanche Moon is the 3rd sequel to Lonesome Dove I love all Cowboy Movies
Gate night was a good one. Jimmy an I used to soap windows and through eggs and take gates off and hide them in the alley!! LOL People here in Phoenix, dont know what gate night is! They look at me cr + 32 more characters
I was all ready for little kids in there costumes and I had the GOOD CANDIE & an pumpkin on the mailbox, (all name brand chocolate) and I had NO kids come buy!! I was very pissed to say the least. Whe + 315 more characters
So witch bridge?? By Conoco or Layrites??
I remember it being the Odessy also!
Does anybody have pictures of the inside of the Train Depot??? I did see the pictures that Dave took of the outside.
I got a 100% and a 87%
Does anybody have any old pictures of the BN Old train depot when it was being operational? I was very little when my mother toke Jimmy and I on the train. By the way the pictures that are posted are + 24 more characters
I just posted and I not on here!! I emailed the Brownsfield Grant people and awaiting them to respond. the Old Holy Rosary Hospital is on there also!! I would be great to turn that into a Bed and Brea + 518 more characters
Well you are right about the wroght iron gate would look better - I would NOT put up a chainlink - I HATE them! I would have to check on the square footage of the building and see what can be done! Ma + 200 more characters
I know what you mean. I happen to love the bricks and would keep that ambience! I am going to have to look into all the information that everybody has gave me. I didn't think about the fact of the bui + 106 more characters
Hi! Does anybody know the history, how old and the builder is on the Old train Depot by the Cattle Ac???
Not really sure have not been there in a long time! I just do not want it to be like a earthquake in the building! Thats why i thought about the block wall, but now that I think about it. I would be n + 37 more characters
Dana: HI I havent seen you since the reunion!! These nice people are helping me alot with information on the Depot! Mom and myself were talking about old building over cocktails on night this summer w + 332 more characters
Thanks everybody for your support!! I used to work at LIttle Big Man Pizza long long time ago and all we had was spagetti! Now that I have lived in Phoenix for so long, I am in love with Italian and M + 60 more characters
Gunnar & Dave Thanks for all the information! That is really helpful Bob I know what you mean about the Cross Roads - it was great! There are several place that serve steak and seafood in MC. I would + 170 more characters
I think that you are absolutely right about it adding ambiance (spelling??) just would not want everything to break when a train goes by??? It would not be the same kind of business of the Cadillac so + 52 more characters
Gunnar - What were you talking about a Grant?? What kind of grant and what do I need to do?? I used to work at the Mexican resturante "Dos Banditos" when it was in MC and it did very well, except the + 223 more characters
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