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I did not go to SH but I did know Dan and respected him alot. He deserves to have something named after him with out any compensation. However I think it is great that his son John is donating much ne + 313 more characters
This is by far the worste legislative session I have seen in my life. I also hope the voters remember how this bunch wasted this session and embarressed the state on the national scale with the retard + 431 more characters
I also love to read the Stardust except at my age it saddens me some when I realize how many of the people I knew back then are gone. Then I realize that this is another way to keep them alive in some + 16 more characters
Despite what the republican majority would like you to believe I refuse to accept that the majority of Montanas do not care about the old, the poor, and the schools. These clowns are turning away mill + 391 more characters
This legislative session is making Montana into a national joke. Instead of doing there work and do what they say they were going to do they do stupid stuff like this. They passed two job killing bill + 328 more characters
It does not happen just to old ladies. I have flown alot in the past past decade both for work and pleasure. I seem to frequently be pulled out for added scrutiny. I was even pulled out for the added + 461 more characters
I have a lot of memories about Kelly from the old gaslight days, some of them even good ones. I will let the few people know about this that are still around. Rest in peace Kelly, you provided us with + 42 more characters
This legislature can only be described as the most off track, goofy bunch we have ever sent to Helena. What an embarrising time this is to be a republican. Where are the tea party bunch when we need t + 893 more characters
I remember Earl and the gaslight. I long for the days I used to stand by the cigarett machine and wish I had the guts to ask whats her name to dance. Good times just the same. Leif
Ok, I admit when I voted for the Medical Marijuana Act I really would have wanted to be voting for legalization. The war on drugs has been just as big a failure as was proabition of alcohol. All it as + 500 more characters
I also loved that article. I am almost in awe at the amount and assine quality of the legislation that has been brought up and approved by the republic majority in Helena since they convined. I am ama + 315 more characters
I realize that the medical marijuana initative has some flaws. It could be fixed with some minor tweeking of the requirements to get a card but not by repealing it. I personally feel that a loose medi + 1140 more characters
When the republicans took control of both houses during the last election and had feelings of dread wondering what bills could come out of this legislature. My worst fears have been met and even eclip + 1281 more characters
I agree with Wayne. I retired at 58 and have never regretted or looked back. I am so busy I wonder when I had time for a full time job. The trick is to have other things set up to fill your time. Most + 378 more characters
Ditto on the dip sandwich but they are all good. If there are two of you get a full sandwhich and split, still plenty there. Leif
"Mr. Ronning, I just tried to call you to inform you that I support the raise for the Firemen and I received a message that your phone numbers have been disconnected. Is this the way the members of th + 1422 more characters
I solilcitated input from the taxpayers as to whether they would be for or against a raise for city employees in a letter to the Miles City Star two weeks before I soclicitated input on milescity.com. + 969 more characters
One more thing I wanted add about the fact that my actions on this issue has been not just my personal view, but trying to reflect the majority view of my ward which is in the north side of the city. + 423 more characters
"Once again City employees are tax payers as are state employees, PERS retirees, military retirees, National Guard retirees, BLM retirees, and teachers. Last I heard government employees were also cit + 1485 more characters
Many of the questions raised above deserve answers. That is why we have decided to go the next step of negotiation and try to get actual updated figures and facts and then try to come to an agreement. + 1622 more characters
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