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If you don't have health insurance, maybe our EMS and ER providers ought to leave you on the sidewalk or at least wait for an irrevocalbe letter of credit before treating you. That would be the least + 179 more characters
Last time he was at my house I watched tv while he vacuumed. My carpet was really dirty when he got there, and only mildly so afterwards.
I participate in this (not in MC of course) and love it. The produce is generally very good quality (better than albertsons!) and the cost for a LOT of food is only $16.50. It fills a rectangular laun + 171 more characters
Was that directed at me? Because I think I explained that I do know what it's like to not be able to afford transportation and that I made decisions about other things in my life accordingly.
In that case I would ask what you were thinking about when you decided where to live. We thoroughly thought through transportation issues when we rented and when we bought. Our choices were to live wi + 198 more characters
Just my 2 cents. I lived in Miles City for several years and did not have a car for the first three. I rode my bike and walked. That's how I got to work and that's how I got groceries and got to the l + 532 more characters
I think they look best in my neighbors yard. I hope he thinks so too!
Isn't Dr. Reynolds still in town. I think he is board certified for pediatric dentistry.
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