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Tried the link you provided - here is the message on that page: "The resource you are looking for has been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable."
The smoke is most likely from the fire that began in the Forest near Ashland and has crossed to Liscomb Creek Mountain.... heading to the Tongue River.
Saugus????? Calypso?????
You may call Candy at 853-6598 or 234-5382.
A big "Thank You" for all those connected with the "Trails, Tales and Tombstones" tour for 2016! It was an enjoyable event.....and will be looking forward to next year!!
The arena behind the Range Riders Museum and has the entrance on the street that goes to the Art & Heritage Center is the Sage Riders arena. One must be a member of the Sage Riders organization to use + 397 more characters
Wednesday, July 22nd ~ "Those Old Homes Tour" - Tour Bus departs from the Camp 21 parking lot at 6:30; Reserve your seat by contacting the Tour Coordinator - telephone or text, 406-934-1221, or email, + 135 more characters
Saturday, July 18th ~ "Valley Tour" - Tour Bus departs from the Camp 21 parking lot at 6:30, 2804 Valley Drive East; Reserve your seat by telephoning, texting or emailing the Tour Coordinator; Minimum + 271 more characters
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