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i meant is 4H or FFA putting on a haunted house this year at the elks?!?
are there going to be any haunted houses during halloween in town?
cops were called to my house cause a kid was pointing a toy gun at people. the neighbors were scared and feared for their lives.. this is was the officer said. but the funny thing is it took them 5 we + 62 more characters
june 8th 7pm at airport inn come and find out about the game in glendive that is taking place june 9th at 1pm it should be a good turn out
see you there
saw a cat fitting your description at the dog pound last night when i was picking up my dog. check it out
same thing happened to my husband... washed motorcycle and pickup and the nazi made him wash the mud off the floor down the drain... when the floor wasnt perfectly clean when he arrived using his own + 6 more characters
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i motion to blow it up!
does anyone know if tickets are available for the magic show this Saturday at the door? and if much?
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