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Thanks Levi We are addressing those issues. And as of right now we'll see how it grows. And anybody who wants to either send film or write an article is more than welcome too. That's what this is all + 23 more characters
Smiley This site is set up to showcase Miles City. All to many times great happenings and accomplishments go by the wayside. Our mission in starting this is to stay away from controversial topics and + 1093 more characters
Salmonella enteritidis Infection Egg-associated salmonellosis is an important public health problem in the United States and several European countries. A bacterium, Salmonella enteritidis, can be ins + 5529 more characters
Andrew take that advice from the webmaster sometimes discression is the better part of valor.Or as the park service says DON,T FEED THE ANIMALS as long as you know you made a mistake thats all that ma + 107 more characters
Bridgier & Smiley you guys think that an apology might be in order?
You might be right levi so just in case. Also from the mayo clinic Rocky Mountain spotted fever is a potentially serious bacterial infection transmitted to humans by tick bites. The illness is named a + 1664 more characters
From the Mayo Clinic. How to safely remove a tick If you find a tick crawling on your skin, carefully remove it. Don't crush it between your fingers. Instead, burn it, bury it or flush it. Be sure to + 809 more characters
What are symptoms and signs of Lyme disease? Lyme disease affects different areas of the body in varying degrees as it progresses. The site where the tick bites the body is where the bacteria enter th + 2413 more characters
If you do find someone to cut it down please make sure they are insured. Good-luck
Well said Richard.
Well here's your chance folks on Thursday,June,3 at 7-9 pm the ones that care should be at MCC to answer questions and let us know what they have up their sleeve. I for one am really interested on the + 99 more characters
So how does that effect Custer County. To my understanding this is a private organization that mainly concerns it self with the billings area?
Chickens can pass disease to humans. In particular, the transmission of avian flu and bacteria are of great concern. Live chickens can pass avian flu to humans and bacterial infections can be transmit + 1525 more characters
good luck again.Voted for you Sharla.
So true
Well if he,s/she a violent/sexual offender they have to register with the PD in your local area. And if they were here we have the same list for our community If this really is a concern to you contac + 236 more characters
Absolutely agree. Our government needs to remember a old adage KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid).
Cool I guess now i Realize that your not one of the infamous grammar gods or goddeses. My Apologies.
My Bad But do you think that sometime or somewhere in your life that you never misspelled or used insufficient grammar. You started this post out with some very good questions. But that last post IMO + 152 more characters
Stephen Go back to post #11, question #6 Hippa is not spelled Hipaa According to your post you must really be in love with yourself. Might i suggest you look-up Sanctimonious
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