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Amorette, many of those schools have been condensed into other districts. For instance, I believe one district now includes Cottonwood, Locate, Knowlton, and Mizpah, and possibly others. Some state la + 1172 more characters
Contact again in the middle of May. We generally have scads of the red and green, and I purchased a red plant last year....just think they are prettier and maybe a tad sweeter.
Ive been a mother in this area for a LONGGGG time, and have taught and subbed in the area for a long time as well. I am currently subbing again, and have been all over the district this year. Washingt + 1576 more characters
Again, this is long, but it is the story of so many in this area. Enjoy. The Last Lambing Camp (part 2) By Nancy By evening of May 10, the lambing crew on the range for Dyba Co. was dog-tired. Bone-d + 11053 more characters
I apologize, I know this is long. I had enough feedback from this board on the previous stories, that You mihgt enjoy this. The last part of it will be written this weekend. The Last Lambing Camp By N + 9448 more characters
Pauline, Lets get started. Perhaps this summer we need to have a reunion where we will plan a larger one. Knowing the size of this family, this could get huge fast. Call or something. We're still in t + 143 more characters
Buster has returned home. Dog pound picked him up less than an hour after we discovered he was missing. Thanks for you help, Miles City, and thanks to you too, Brian.
Thanks, Buster is still missing. His girl is missing him a lot. Thanks Miles City for being a caring place.
Lost Dog 10 years ago
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We've lost our elderly Miniature Schnauzer. Someone opened our backgate while we were at Springfest last night, and Buster took off. He is quite elderly and his eyesight and his hearing are starting t + 172 more characters
Dorothea; I don't think Valentine was lonely in all of those acres and acres of acres and acres, so much as he was alone. It was a way of life he chose. Shortly after his wife Kate died, Valentine be + 7614 more characters
Kati, I have no idea, I am just the writer. I have now mastered most of MS Word, but they will probably change it now that I have. Grandma Shantz, (mother in law to Paul) always pronounced her son-in- + 815 more characters
I have greatly enjoyed posting these stories for people to read. However, this is a public forum and I hesitate to impose something on the public that may have a narrow audience. If others outside the + 111 more characters
Kati, I only met Valentine once, but he indeed could be termed a "character". As a young Dyba, he was a very hard worker. He was excellent with livestock. As any good livestock man, he put the needs a + 2597 more characters
Dorothea; When Paul returned to Montana from Canada, he was quite the young swain. He worked as a Rang Rep, riding the Hillside area for the CBC brand. He took up with a shy young thing by the name of + 492 more characters
With nine brothers, there are many descendents out there. I challenge all of you to add stories to the collection. C'mon Max and Bob, I know you have a lot of them, and the ability to tell the stories + 314 more characters
As an educator, I have taken many classes like this over the years. Love and Logic is far and away the best of the lot. It has saved my sanity many times, and I do recommend it.
I married into the family.....43 years ago. As I said, my father-in law was a story teller and I loved to heard them. My father-in-law spoke high German, but his English was without a trace of an acce + 349 more characters
The family entered the United States, and once past emigration, they considered themselves Americans. Agnes very firmly told the children, when they spoke in their native tongue, "We are in America no + 1504 more characters
Dorothea: Thank you so much for your information. I would bet there are many more stories you have that I don't. I was writing from oral history, and as you know, it is only as accurate as the memory + 674 more characters
Bill, You know I can't resist a good story, don't you? So what is the next story to be told? Kati: Paul (aka "Jr") said that Agnes and Joe lived with his folks for a while probably on the B.B. ranch + 797 more characters
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