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My bad
From an article titled birth of Islam nothing has been deleted If we discuss about the origin and birth of Islam than it is essential to understand the events associated with the founding of Islam and + 3080 more characters
Maybe thats not to bad an idea?
Really Larry and the pack of jackals don't you think enough is enough. Write or wrong the lot of you are just plain evil and i know if that was my mother it would be time to go hunting. You folks made + 194 more characters
IMO I think you should just stick to washing. If your going to vac and do windows and wipe interiors you should charge accordingly.After all this is a fund raiser
Good luck.
Here's one to roll around and rationalize.We had an employee a few years ago that lived with his girlfriend for the first year while with us. Finally did the right thing in marrying the girl since the + 341 more characters
If it went down the way you say why should you have to pay anything. Unless you were blessed with superman's teeth it would seem to fall on his/her ability,s. So why should you have to pay a dime.
Chad we can get that smell out.
New Auto Detail Shop open at 408 N 7th. Am trying to get ahold of the individual that deals with websites on this thread? Have emailed him for last 2 weeks. Can someone give us some guidance? Thank Yo + 73 more characters
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