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Hi Tony Hope and Family! This is April, you came to the aid of my daughters and I yesterday! Thank you again so much for pushing that car and getting us to the gas station. We are home safe and sound. + 140 more characters
I'm so glad! She's a sweetie.
In the area of 12th and Orr. Very sweet female chocolate lab. Has a faded pink collar with rabies tags from east main. Called dispatch and had her picked up. I was afraid she would get hit running in + 55 more characters
Bump to the top, please help find Boomer.
Bump to the top! Please help find Sprite.
Howdy, That was a great response! Thanks for the laugh.
To the kids that helped corral my big dog on your way to school this morning. THANK YOU very much. To Chloe and Kinsey you guys rock! Hope no one was late to class! Thanks again!
Our Verizon service is out as well.
You are my husband, but damn that was funny! +1 Septy
Missy Concho! Whoo hoo thank goodness it wasn't 12th street
Bump. Hope she is found soon.
RE: rude! 11 years ago
in General Discussion
did it ruin your WHOLE day? or just for a few minutes?
lol you just have no luck.. everything seems to happen to you
lol... One trip of how many .. and it isnt a good experience... amazing.. let's get on Miles City Dot Com and just bash whoever for whatever cuz it will make us feel that we are better than everyone e + 687 more characters
16. People who fight to be the "King of the Off-Topic"
I highly recommend Dr MacMillan and his wife Lynnda. They work hand in hand and are very caring and nuturing. Although they have been delivering a lot of babies lately, they always remember you by nam + 499 more characters
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