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A while back my dog got out and we couldn't find him before it got dark out it turns out he got hit by a car and was left to die on the side of the road and Laura took him into her home and took care + 148 more characters
so does century link lol
I have century link and I can honestly say its the best internet I've ever had we pay 30.00 for the best package they offer.....I've also had midrivers and I think they are way overpriced that's just + 10 more characters
he/she probably called to see how much they charge so she could base her prices on that information just like any competitive business would do lol.It even says in the first sentence "I called to get + 18 more characters
Heather Q. has a post about a bike her kid brought home that he got from some other kid you might want to contact her and see if its yours
well just so you know he is harmless he just has a cpl screws loose...I know this because he is the parent of a friend of mine. yea hes kind of weird but completely harmless
does his dog look like a black wolf? with white-ish legs?
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