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As the statute of limitations has passed by now, I can relate that I know who robbed the safe at Grant's in was during a celebration of the diamond jubilee, I believe. One was a tall pers + 171 more characters
While waiting for the Daily Star to print the newspapers, paper boys went to Grant's. I remember there was at least one snooker table which was a complete mystery to me. This was the 50s. Ron Hendrixo + 1 more characters
"Flicks" could be the one-how many can you score me? Just kidding, next time I'm in that area I'll drop by the theater.
The Laughlin casinos have some really good deals during the summer months. There are a lot of people who have winter homes here-they bring all the water toys with them to enjoy the Colorado river. I d + 196 more characters
Can't remember who did such a good job of organizing and sending out letters for the Class of 62 reunions. Are they still around? I was outstanding at the graduation. (On the flight deck of an aircraf + 103 more characters
Just noticed the temp in Miles City-84 degrees. Outside temp here in Bullhead City,AZ is 112 degrees now. Inside my home-90. Must be nice
Does the concession stand at the Montana Theater still have the round,half dollar size candy, chocolate on the inside, with a candy shell on the outside? Never could find those anywhere else and don't + 265 more characters
Is that rental property in there ?
When is the next scheduled flood ? Will lightning strike the water towers ?
The Red Rock Village drive-in had "Basket Burgers"(burger+fries) for 50 cents. They were very tasty
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