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What about disabled people? Do they still qualify?
I have used all of them at one time or another and I have to say Big Sky is the best!
Wal-mart doesn't care about the people except for as slave labor. Wal-mart doesn't pay taxes. Wal-mart pays it's employees dirt. Barely slave wages. Look it up. The fact is that the family that owns W + 512 more characters
We also need a block user button so that we do not have to read some of these peoples crap that they spout just to be talking s**t!
What "good kid" takes a damn gun to school. If not for self protection, then there is no excuse for that kind of behavior! I personally hope that that being the case, he get prosecuted for the crimina + 111 more characters
I think that the biggest question here is..."At what point is it o.k. to protect yourself? If he WAS being bullied and felt that the only way to protect himself was with a loaded gun, then the system + 1174 more characters
You have to be one of the most idiotic people I have ever had the displeasure of reading your drivel. It was the comment about the stars that was what brought up the Nazis. Truley are you that cluele + 76 more characters
BRAVO!!!!!! tmc BRAVO!!!!!! Finally some one who can read and think and is not afraid to put the truth of the matter in print!!!
Are you kidding? Why don't you people learn to read? She asked if the public should be informed of a program that lets troubled youth out into the community and how they are chosen and kept track of. + 608 more characters
It had nothing to do with me, but as always you wonderful idiots just assume the worst of me. She had her own issues and went off to figure them out. So, as always, I am glad that I have nothing to do + 131 more characters
Thank you all again! Here is an update: The person that I was trying to help...suddenly decided that she didn't want to be my friend anymore. She gave no reason or anything. She just told me she didn + 186 more characters
Thank you everyone!! I didn't even think of the Star or the college bookstore. I will check them out.
Does anyone know where to buy art supplies in M.C.? Stuff like canvas, art markers, an easel, modeling clay, colored charcoals, and art paper?
Thanks Dawn. I am probably the only person in the world that doesn't have a Facebook page. Is there any other way to find out what is up with our class? I am legally blind now and Facebook is a major + 160 more characters
Has the class of 93 ever even had a reunion? I have never heard anything about any? Anyone know?
Thank you very much!!
This is my last post on here. I am glad that I amused you all. I shall remember this if the tables are ever turned. I will remember the condescending comments, the arrogance, spitefulness, and lack in + 456 more characters
Yes I most certainly did! I do not appreciate people trying to take things out of context that they know nothing about and using it to make me look like someone that tries to scam others! If someone d + 912 more characters
Please reread the post that starts out...Firstly, I am not trying to bash on anyone.
I certainly hope that this "certain person" you are referring to isn't meant to be me. I have never gotten rid of anything that anyone, person or organization, has helped me with!! I may have had to t + 638 more characters
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