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Kircher and Trinity Lutheran Elementary are AMAZING!!! You can't beat the teachers and the one-on-one learning.
It's that time of year again! TRINITY LUTHERAN CLASSICAL SCHOOL'S ANNUAL COOKIE DOUGH SALES ARE GOING ON NOW! We are selling cookie dough, brownies, scones, biscuits, pasta and sauce mixes, and trail + 182 more characters
Soccer 10 years ago
in Sports & Recreation
Does anyone know when soccer practice for the little guys starts? I haven't heard anything yet.
My son is in the 1st grade but won't be 6 until October 5. Can he still join or is it by age?
Pirogue (sp?) Island is kind of a neat place to go "exploring". Cross the creek and on the other side there's a wooded area with streams and then an open area with walking paths down to the river.
Fireworks 10 years ago
in General Discussion
Anyone know what time fireworks start tonight?
You know darn well I meant those (using the system) who don't bother to even try looking for a job or furthering their education... The point I was trying to make is that there is nothing wrong with w + 247 more characters
Actually, it's only a 40% discount on McNuggets and even if that is where she chose to work (which, by the way, it isn't) there is nothing wrong with working at McDonalds. Thanks for putting down tho + 104 more characters
Dr. Wilgus in Billings. My son had to have oral surgery when he was 2 and Dr. Wilgus was amazing with him! The whole staff is really great!
I didn't receive an email from you. Could you maybe try sending it to [email protected]? Thanks!
Sent you an email!
I'm sure Marie is probably taking care of it but I will find out for sure tomorrow and let you know!
Chris is now in Maryland! This is his dad's post on Facebook... UPDATE! 7/22/12 DAY 11 Chris continues to battle. He lost some ground with his lungs yesterday, probably due to the surgerey he had alth + 860 more characters
lol I wasn't trying to put down your idea I was just letting you and everyone know that it's there!
We put a huge banner (Donated by ABC Glass! Thank you!) and markers in the Bogner's front yard. Everyone stop by and sign!
If anybody would like to help the family out financially, we have set up a benefit account with Stockman Bank here in Miles City. The name of the account is the "Chris Bogner Family Benefit Fund" and + 381 more characters
This is my mother-in-law's (Chris' aunt) post on Facebook about an hour ago: Just talked to Connie - they are arriving in Billings Airport and the Marine Corp is flying them to Germany and then meetin + 506 more characters
Snorkie, First of all, I'm trying to figure out what business you even have driving down the alley by Diane's house. You aren't one of her immediate neighbors so wouldn't it be out of your way to driv + 621 more characters
I'm still looking for the stupid cat...
I believe the Lewistown incident was the one where he got drunk and threw a man through a bar window. Some role model.
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