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I have a question for those of you that have unlimited on Verizon. Obviously with having Mid-Rivers internet, streaming anything is out of the question. They are already giving away streaming devices, + 581 more characters
This would be why.
As with the rest of the United States, the decision of the FCC to gut net neutrality has me concerned. What as me MORE concerned, however, are the relatively few internet companies we have to choose f + 1677 more characters
Wow that seems amazingly accurate.
"Shipley admitted that he wrote and sent an e-mail last June to employees at Quantum Financial Solutions in Colorado in which he complained about Quantum's handling of his case and threatened to get a + 338 more characters
This argument really isn't valid for so many reasons. 1) Wild Blue is a last ditch internet option. It's also a third party internet that Midrivers is licensed to use. Which means Midrivers doesn't m + 519 more characters
This as you know is Mid-Rivers developing plan. Most of the world knows that everything is moving to VOD or streaming, etc. To prove my point, try getting just cable from Mid-Rivers. They themselves + 2486 more characters
It's gonna hurt Montana quite a bit if it goes through. url
Found this today. Maybe Centurylink is a good alternative. CenturyLink® HSI Plan Allowed data usage per month (download and upload) 7.0 Mbps and lower 300 GB More than 7.0 Mbps 600 GB 1 Gig + 91 more characters
The trick will be to make sure his time is short to limit the damage he can cause.
Can someone not on Midrivers Wide Open give me an update on the testimony?
When those of you that aren't on wide open get put on it, come back and let us know how much your bill went up afterwards.
Did anyone make it to the Annual Meeting to here any more of why this "Revolutionary" mumbo jumbo is so great compared to the deals we had before?
Well, you kind of hit the nail with that one Josh. You will be "offered" the Wide Open internet shortly I'm sure. Just like we in the cable modem towns were. However, once not enough people switch to + 1873 more characters
Thank you Mid-Rivers for responding. I have some questions based on your response if you don't mind. 1) "Users were subscribing to lowest possible package" That was in essence their choice, and you ha + 1894 more characters
So.. with the annual meeting of course being during the day where normal people can’t go, I’m hoping one of you can maybe help me figure out Mid-Rivers math while you’re there? I have been hit with th + 2607 more characters
Does anyone have any information on the explosion at the Law Enforcement building in Sidney? It shook quite a few buildings. Can't find anything on the "official" media sites.
If Mid-Rivers service is so terrible at 10M x 1M, why haven't you switched over to Qwest already? I keep hoping for LTE to hit us, but that's gonna be forever away being in Montana. I know my friends + 167 more characters
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