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akgreg56, I drove by the Wendy's on my way to work this morning as I do every morning. They have a sign in their front lawn looking for help. The sign says "starting wage $13 per hour". This is the fi + 572 more characters
Hi Don, I lived in Peters Creek, Alaska (23 miles north of Anchorage) for nearly 14 years prior to moving to Miles City. I had a blueberry garden when I lived in Peters Creek. I bought those blueberry + 148 more characters
That is such an awesome video. Cheers was an absolutely wonderful show. Thanks for posting that!!!!
Hi David, I love when you post these historic photos and give a bit of history lesson along with the photos. I have only lived in Miles City for 5 years and I truly enjoying learning about it's past. + 75 more characters
OK, that was pretty darn funny!!!!!
Thank you Richard. I truly appreciate the reply. I checked out the link you sent and while I cannot say that it completely resembled what I saw, this was pretty close: "SpaceX Starlink satellite train + 341 more characters
OK, I am prepared for the berating I'm sure this topic will generate. Did anyone see a rather bizarre procession of lights over Miles City last Friday night (April 17th)? I was in my backyard in South + 210 more characters
RE: 401k 4 years ago
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Hi Gunnar, I want to stay away from politics as this site drives me crazy with it's politics. I have been investing for approximately 23 years. Not saving, investing. There's a big difference there. D + 1085 more characters
Thanks folks for your inputs. I truly appreciate it.
Hello All, We are relatively new to the Miles City area and have been rather frustrated with the housing market. Can anyone recommend a builder for the Miles City area that is reputable and performs q + 33 more characters
Hey, still time to hold hands and jump off a cliff. Once again, we MUST save the polar bears!!!!! Hurry, quickly grab hands and line up on the cliff, ummmmm, Liberals first!!!!!!!
OH MY GOSH!!!! We MUST all join hands and jump off a tall cliff. We must do this to save the planet (and the polar bears). HURRY, grasp hands and JUMP!!!!!!!
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