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K Duffy, Do you think it would blow hot air?
Smiley, Wow I just cannot apologize to you enough for the mindless pricks in Miles City! Welcome and rise above it sweetie. Remember; Be a goddess. There are some amazing people here and you will get + 401 more characters
Yes I should have put MUST LOVE CATS!! lol. No worries the mountain lion has not yet come home. My Great Dane is another story.... Erika
We are requiring a house-sitter for 4 days at the end of june. The individual must be responsible and references are required. Excellent pay. Must love animals!! Please contact me at 421-5539 or e-mai + 74 more characters
Wendy, I guess I don't get it. I have no idea who Rob Shipley is.
Re: Erika. We have a new Rob Shipley. Why Wendy do you feel like a Sheeple?
Brilliant Video Hal! Now if we can get the rest of the sheeple aware of this we might stand a chance!
My husband couldn't collect his stimulus check because he married a 'foreiner, forener, forinher' oh hell a non American! He still worked, paid taxes and is probably 5th generation or more American. A + 137 more characters
This is just a small sample of what's circulating in my neck of the woods. Just a little FYI- There is much more where that came from if any of you are interested. Erika Phillips Could this begining + 5728 more characters
Oh it is sooo good. They fry the French fries in a oil with a touch of vanilla. The cheese curds are fresh and melt beautifully and the gravy is the best home-made gravy that you can imagine. You mix + 214 more characters
In defense of Miles City. I am a city folk, that was a island folk that became a city folk and is now a country folk again. I have lived in little cities and really really big cities. In other countri + 1577 more characters
Oh to have a bowl of poutine, right now! Bridgier have you ever had it?? It is very good, especially the stuff in Quebec. Yum. even the health nut in me could not walk away from a bowl of poutine. Eri + 11 more characters
Classes have started but there is still room available for the 7pm class. Being held every Tuesday at the 4-H building. NOTE; April 14th class will be held on MONDAY April 13th INSTEAD on Tuesday Apri + 212 more characters
Emily, One thing I have to say is that Big Cat Rescue are not well respected within the organization. They have lost their credibility as a charity with the BBC and have proven to have their own agend + 112 more characters
Hello, I understand and appreciate your concerns, interest, and confusion with regards to why someone would wish to possess a 'pet' mountain lion. I have refused interviews and comments with the medi + 1893 more characters
LYRCA will be having their public meeting on Tuesday March 17th at 6pm. Meeting will be held upstairs at the Discovery Pond 819 Main Street, Miles City. All dog lovers are welcome. Kids under 14 are w + 395 more characters
We will be having clicker/operant conditioning classes for dog behavior. Pre-registration Wednesday, April 16th 2008 at 6:30pm - 8:30 pm. This is a 2 hour information session. No Dogs for the first cl + 182 more characters
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