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I got my flu shot in OCt. but for the first time since taken it I got the flu bug in Dec. I told my doctor I guess I should wait and take the shot later. She told me that a new kind of flu came around + 39 more characters
Amorette: Just thought you could help and give me a list on some city numbers. If I remember right, the first two numbers on the licences plates indicates the city where you lived in Montana. Since I' + 290 more characters
Mary Pat Brady Been checking this site and to see if I can find some ole class mates of mine. Are you still living in MC? You've brought back some of the memories of ole teachers we had at CCHS at t + 433 more characters
The Garfied School was a plain boxed style building,with several stories high. Nothing fancy like you have today. I also went to CCHS in the mid "50 we had of course "freshman initiation". Is that sti + 20 more characters
I like the gossip thing, but I would like to catch up with some of the people too. I didn't know they tore the old Garfield School down. I went to school there for the 4th.,5th.& 6th. grade. We had a + 307 more characters
I called the paper today to find out why my home town newspaper site was being forbidden. That was the only way I could find out some of the latest news. Thanks again for letting me know about this si + 12 more characters
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