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I have been looking into different workout options and saw that both Serenity Yoga & Studo M have Zumba classes. Has anyone gone to both? Just wondering how different the classes were and the differen + 14 more characters
Looking into dropping the lbs! Is Belly Dancing a good way to take off the weight or is it more just for fun? I'm not in great shape right now, but still want a lil bit of challenge while having fun t + 6 more characters
Thanks for the info!
I asked a similar ? on the cardio post, but you stated the session pkg prices, I just wanted to know if this class is going to be offered year round or if there are different sessions? Also, if you pu + 69 more characters
How long does this class run till. I see it started the 26th & you said you can join anytime, but are there sessions or will this be a class available year round?
I missed the last blood drive, does anyone know when the next one is?
Is there anywhere in town you can take your gently used stuff to put on consignment? I know there is the pawn shop, but what about misc furntiture items & clothing?
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