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Worry is the darkroom in which negatives can develop.
Any interesting info on Lehigh Montana would also be of interest to me. thanks
I know of a Lyle Hawkins that moved from Miles City (sometime in the 50's) to Scottsdale, Az. Don't know his wife's name, but they had at least 2 sons (one was Billy). I think Bill (he would be in his + 214 more characters
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Amazing how much easier something is to swallow, when you gain understanding. Maybe we should ask more questions, and not shout so loud. Just a thought.
That's wonderful - hope someone will post a picture of it for us out-of-towners. It could even inspire some talented kids to pursue the arts.
Sad, but true!
My best friend since 2nd grade, (forever ago)just sent me 4 "Chicken Soup for the Soul" and by golly, they are full of gold. Lots of heart warming inspiration. If your ever down in the dumps, these wi + 26 more characters
I believe: You keep on getting what you've been getting, If you keep on doing what you've been doing. Sometimes I go around the same mountain several times before I get my attention.
hugs - I like this game, fun to read -
I would most likely be drawn to a house with neutrals tones - then I would have an open palette (smile). I'm about to do my bathroom in "ripped up, brown paper bag" with a glaze (I think) finish; it's + 136 more characters
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