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To say it blew down trees would be an understatement. I was down there Tues. morning and it looked like a tornado hit. url [Edited by Roger Miller (7/29/2015 5:48:59 PM)] [Edited by Roger Miller (7/29 + 18 more characters
From 'Jurassic Park', "That's one big pile of sh*t!" From 'Total Recall', Arnold Schwarzenegger points a gun at his fake wife threatening to shoot... Sharon Stone: "But honey, I'm your wife." Arnold + 64 more characters
I bought a Kirby from a really nice salesman about 15 years ago. I have used the heck out of it, sometimes use it to blow out my rain gutters. It's heavy, it has a loud high pitched squeal, but it cle + 106 more characters
My XP machine boots in 20 seconds, from power button press to usable desktop. No SSD, 4GB RAM. Thats fast enough for me. Win. 7 will go faster when I upgrade. And of course I have to do a clean instal + 49 more characters
Dam, and I was just thinking about upgrading to windows 7!! And... I was thinking about getting an Ipad, then I read this: url Hmm. I wonder when they will have computers that you operate with your b + 32 more characters
N. Earling / Leighton Blvd. , my house is there at 312 N. Earling and I am going to trim back my tree. The tall hedge on the other side is the worse problem, it blocks your view from eastbound traffic + 358 more characters
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