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I loved MR. and MRS. Fretland, great people. I had both of them in middle school. Mrs. Fretland's famous last words, "shut up before I start sluggin"
I believe Scott Gray belongs in the HOF for the job he did carrying my jock strap. I have been told by people from the early years of Cowboy football that there isn't player to pass through CCDHS that + 149 more characters
Justin Dighans isn't getting much attention but deserves it. He started DT as a sophomore,played DT and swing back as a junior, got politiced out of the shrine game as a senior, He and Kelly Strobel w + 85 more characters
Jason Hirsch was a bad man. Dave Phipps started at LB his freshmen year of college and did real good. He didn't go back to school after that.
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