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Does anyone know when KFC will open? Thanks
They announced the results on Mike FM ~ KYUS. Ken Stein won the election.
Brian, Thank you for your comments. I really enjoy reading them.
Need a like button!!
The proper etiquette for addressing a divorced woman is Mrs. Jane Doe or Ms. Jane Doe. Using Mrs. Joe Doe indicates her husband is deceased.
We have set up a donation jar at Miles City Liquors. Stop by to help out the Berry Family.
BTW: Congratulations Barb Holcomb on your promotion. Wonderful news! HOOAH
The bars that will be televising the Bob Cat game are the Montana Bar, Bison, Trails Inn, Texas Club, Cellar Casino, and the Rib and Chop House. GO CATS!!! Roll Tide!!!
Don't forget about the Wine, Food, and Spirits Festival tonight at the Omni. All of our Liquor representatives will be there tonight, providing samples of all their new products. See you there.
Richard, What a great video. Thank you for sharing.
If only I had a Halloween party to attend. I would go as a Wilson-Jones binder. Now that all the bars downtown are having Halloween parties, I now know what Richard is going to wear.
The Montana Bar, the Bison, Trails Inn, Texas Club, Olive, VFW, and the Rib and Chop will have drink specials, prizes for best costumes on Saturday night, 27 October. So dress up in your best Hallow + 157 more characters
Kacey you are absolutely correct.
Thanks Richard. Beautiful Photos.
I understand about the emotions! What would you suggest to " Understand the problems and Fixing the Problem"
Buck Showalter.."Our treatment of the mentally ill in this country is a procreateing joke. You can't reach out for help without being ashamed and it's damn near impossible to get help for someone you + 1526 more characters
After the recent massacre in Aurora, Colorado and the ease of purchasing weapons, ammo and body armor over the internet. My question to this forum is? Should there be a ban on assault type (military + 121 more characters
Frank Here's to you
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