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I'm from Glendive, mostly wondering if it's worth the drive up.
fair info 11 years ago
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Wondering what activities the fair has? anybody?
that's a good word for it!
RE: Fair 12 years ago
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Wondering how the carnival is? Good food booths? Anything great about the rodeo? Thanks for the info!
Fair 12 years ago
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any neat things to do at the Miles City fair?
great point Dona!
She may have lived her life in a way that many condemn. It's sad to me that her day to day was such a struggle for her. No matter what the circumstances, she was famous and is now dead. People are goi + 197 more characters
I'm from Glendive and our Kmart is HORRIBLE! I was in walmart last sunday, around 5ish, it was bad. I just ran in to get a few things (maybe 6) and I kid you not I could have had my mom save me a plac + 184 more characters
exactly Howdy! Everything was circumstantial, if you take the emotion of it being a child, she shouldn't have been convicted. If she was found guilty on nothing solid, it should scare you! Whoever wro + 51 more characters
I'm thinking first degree murder will be not guilty, but she'll get at least the aggravated manslaughter of a child or the aggravated child abuse (those each have a 30 prison sentence. Then I hope she + 97 more characters
I believe she is guilty, she may have not purposely killed Caylee, but if it was an accident, why not just tell the truth! All the evidence is circumstantial, meaning she will probably not be found gu + 39 more characters
this happened to my family last december in Billings at the west end walmart. The clerk asked for all of our ids. I'm 27 and the youngest in my family? Then to be a smart a$$ i had my five year old wh + 85 more characters
alittle more info? is this just a YRA type event? would love an entry form faxed to 406-365-5329
all I will say is we need to support our soldiers until the truth comes out!
first off, good luck! my only suggestion would be to talk to a brand inspector. They are pretty good at deciding order of brands and can usually help you out!
Jury decided it cause of death was meth overdose! Nothing to do with taser! I listened, I laughed when the van got jacked! It's a funny recording, but the situation is really too bad. I did get a good + 17 more characters
I'm thinking of having them cater a rehearsal dinner. I agree their food is awesome, but am not sure what choses I would go with as far as food selections. Thought I could get some direction by someon + 26 more characters
Has anyone ever used this service?
I once ate at a restaurant that had a college team waiting tables for tips. This was a special night that was advertised as a fundraiser for this particular team. They worked soley for tips. From what + 134 more characters
is there still going to be a Bridal Expo @ the town and country club on the 11th?
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