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Somebody gets a doggy daycare going let me know. I can't find an apartment so living in a camper with 2 large dogs. Was going to Strawberry Hill after work but lately to much human feces in the middle + 177 more characters
Awesome! Would love to come play with you!
Thank you for the leads!
Tim Utzinger in Round Up.
I don't know where my post from before went. I tried to call Sage Riders but listed number is discontinued. I heard they might board there? I am looking for a place for my practice horse... who will b + 90 more characters
Bumbed I missed the barbecue contest... chamber advertised it at 530. When I came at 6 I was told I had to be there by 4...
Yah, I won't likely go back to the Iron. Like the Chop house though.
Bill Zook is doing the lindy???
My dogs are dying for doggy daycare. I am living in a camper with 40 and 95 pound dogs. We go for walks but it is not the same as being able to play and run. Be sure to let me know if one opens! Behav + 26 more characters
Is there any swing dancing going on? Jitterbug? Lindy Hop?
Where did you locate the number? My saddle is stamped 4 times with First no W's stamp but I cannot find a number?┬Čif_t=like. Info?
I would take 1000 for mine. Never had it appraised or anything..
I am also looking for information on my al furstnow. It has his stamp but I can't find a number?
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