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Awesome... I just love how the regulars here can call somebody an ass, but the new person retorts and the post gets deleted. Kinda like in 2011 when the esteemed webmaster chastised the group about i + 605 more characters
Nope. I just don't want to buy one to line their pockets...
If anybody is done reading the current issue of Rolling Stone, and do not want it, please let me know. Cheers, Keith
Thanks, do you know where I could read what sufficed as the "After Action Report" from that engagement? I know that engagement started at the divide on Big Sheep Mountain and they had a running battle + 248 more characters
Where can I find any information about the skirmish that happened near/on this butte? I've heard stories about a mule taking off with the howitzer, that is why the soldiers ended up on top of it. Than + 9 more characters
Nah... I've spent most of the last 22 years traveling around the globe doing my part in preserving and defending our nation. I like it here, I just wish it was not so screwed up by the socialists. "T + 100 more characters
Actually in a way I do even though it would hurt me financially since I am close to being a Retired USAF Veteran and have a Disability claim pending with the VA. What needs to happen is our Congressc + 213 more characters
I've never known a poor man to employ anybody... it usually is the "hated rich" that is the backbone of America and employs the most people, although with this current gang in Washington, they want to + 55 more characters
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