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character assassinations, unsubstaniated alligations, bitch, crap... pots are calling kettles black and ladies are being ladies.... dont you guys think that her neighbors should be the ones to have th + 113 more characters
so bridgier, i agree with you on most of your points. i am glad that you notice this current administration is as corrupt as the last..however i might add the bush sr and clinton administrations as we + 921 more characters
hey bridgier, for as dumb as i am, as uneducated as i am,,,how is it that no matter what the economy is doing,,,i maintain my income level? how is it that i dont have time to join an occupy wall stree + 269 more characters
so that a good position for states to be your humble opinion....
well then forget who asked the question, and just answer it...
miles city is better off without police chief powers on the pay roll. what ever butch cost the city in law suits he saved on her salary. she was an abusive power hungry, mean spirited woman that had i + 588 more characters
if we vote butch in for president will you move out of the country?
hey schmuck...long time no hear...stupid is as stupid does....and today i feel like a winner.... hey schmuck...why is the words good and food sounded out differently?
way to go butch...good job... now to the rest,,do you think that he will try to do things to create a tea party? what about an occupy wall street mob?? do you think that he will be sued by nine or ten + 738 more characters
now for obama...
that is what your college education bought you number two... seems like you got ripped what about mayors? hehehe
that is a regurgitation of tea party sentiment...and that is a fact
why isnt the governor held to more responsibility for the unemployment in his or her state than the friggin president?
maybe they are following obama and bidens lead...i mean heck..obama doesnt even know how many states there are... and then there is biden...well...need i say more... lets make sure we arent being brai + 56 more characters
yeah,,,not really sure i believe it myself...just needed to argue it out to get some other perspectives...still not sure how i feel about it though.
so howdy, where is the picture of jesus performing an abortion while voting democrat? i am pretty sure jesus would not vote for any of this political sewage that is going on in the united states.
well ive thought long and hard about this..and here it is 1. people do not own property, they lease it from the state. dont pay your taxes and see how long you own it. 2. most farms and ranches are co + 695 more characters
cheryl, how many people from goldman sachs work for obama? have you heard of a company called general electric? do you know who their ceo is? do you know who else he works for? guess how much money th + 1005 more characters
cheryl, i dont need a liberal hack from vanity fair to give me his anti bush opinion, i know how government works and i know who is responsible for the economic climate through public record. to bush + 547 more characters
well steve, i was feeling a little clairvoiant, nothing is gonna change. barney frank, maxine watters and chris dodd are responsible for the housing and banking failure. to believe other wise is redic + 453 more characters
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