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Love that cake!
I believe it should be mandatory. The children don't get to see the money or care if their parent is using it to buy drugs....and it happens all too often. If people want help this could in turn help + 245 more characters
at the Eagles...sorry forgot that part
Tuesday and Wednesday I belive from 4 to 7. they need birth certificate copy and you have to bring your child for weigh ins. I believe field testing is on thursday
Don't feel bad people just aren't understanding that things are changing and they are afraid of change. I found out from facebook before I even saw this post.....sure the family should be notified and + 340 more characters
A girl athlete in our class who did basketball and all kinds of other curricular activities was doing cocaine. She died while at basketball practice when her heart burst. So you can't just say "the st + 279 more characters
Does anyone know what time and when signups are for boys around 6th grade?
Maybe to the Rocks program, they could send some home with the kids and maybe they could cook something up with their parents! Just a thought kids love things like that!
Everyone is entitled to their opinions on both sides, I have heard multiple opinions for both sides, and like I said I have asked for this post to be removed as I was looking to see opinions of people + 177 more characters
Thank you all for your info. I believe it would be best to contact the State Baseball Ass. and that way the proper people can handle this. I contacted the Webmaster this morning to remove the post, bu + 161 more characters
This year the boys in baseball played well, but I believe there was an aweful display of what not to show our children how to act and behave when it comes to sports. I and many parents have observed t + 905 more characters
STOLEN GREEN BAY WALLET: My husband was swimming with our kids approx. 1 hour ago at the Oasis and someone took the towels off and dug in his shoe and stole his wallet. If you know your teenager or ki + 305 more characters
The Miles City Community Garden is now open for renting a plot for this year! Only $20.00 per plot for the whole summer-you get a plot of your own to grow whatever you want annual or perennial. Hurry + 507 more characters
Community Garden Garden spots may be reserved by calling the Custer County Extension Office at 874-3370 or by stopping by the Custer County office located in the basement of the courthouse. Single P + 42 more characters
I believe it is against Montana law to own big cats. They can only be owned by zoos etc. It might have changed but i don't think so.
Will there be books for sale there as well?
I would go to billings, i wouldn't take the chance here in miles city. Just sayin
I see the city has finally posted signs on a lot of the homes that have been falling apart over the years. I have been curious for quite some time about the falling down pink house across the street f + 285 more characters
I hear you K. I heard about it from word of mouth and a few of us were wondering why the student body president wasn't involved in the ordeal. The choices to pick from were not considered fun at all f + 254 more characters
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