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Copied this from my sister. Just want everyone to know what they are doing. Those kids with 4-H animals need to be aware. Miles City Friends, I wanted to share my recent experiences with Pure Montana + 3511 more characters
Sign says future home of KFC/A & W, so I would say rumors are true.
Bobby isn't doing much running these days. He fell and broke a hip a few weeks ago.
I do interior painting. Call 234-7059 Stan Wheeler
Amorette Wait till tuesday then spread the kitty litter again it should stay on top of the liquid ice.
Also known as Cousin Jacks!
Contact the court house of the county you were born in, and they will issue you one. We just picked one up for a friend. He faxed permission to the clerk and recorder here, and we picked it up and mai + 113 more characters
Medicine Rocks State Park near Ekalaka is really nice. Clean, and rarely crowded. Bring water, as the pump was not working last week. Liz
This sounds great! Hope we get to go.
Their number is 951-4372
Call Max Bartholomew.
I just had mine done in October. Lacey at Holy Rosary did a great job for me. Good luck. Liz Wheeler
Thank you Richard. A very thought provoking article. Especially for me as a parent. Liz Wheeler
We had 22 at our house on S. Custer.
We have been battling fire blight in our apple trees since spring. You must prune out all affected branches, being sure to dip your pruners in a bleach/water solution between each cut. Haul off or bur + 135 more characters
I love Dr. Brook. He did an awesome job on my wrist, and will be doing my knees next month. He is very informative, and takes the time to explain things to you. He lets you decide on your treatment, a + 58 more characters
the original poem has been passed on to a member of the elks.
Here are some verses that I found titled twenty years ago by Harry Wilson at the dedication of the Elks home in January 1915. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did. TWENTY YEARS AGO I’ve wandered ‘ro + 6240 more characters
My understanding is that of the 3 carnival choices in Montana, the Thomas Carnival is the only one to return a portion of its proceeds back to the Fair. Understandably so, the Fair board prefers to us + 531 more characters
We are so disappointed in the new schedule. We always have family come spend the day Saturday. This year, by the time they arrive from out of town most of the displays and vendors will be packing up. + 137 more characters
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One complete, fuel tank leaks, & it ran when they parked it.  Asking $180. The other one is incomplete but does have intact fly wheels.  Asking $150 Call 234-7059
For sale a Generac (USA Made) Generator. 6250 Surge Watts, 5000 Running Watts 10hp No electric start.  Low hours, well maintained.  Asking $750 Call 234-7059 [Edited by Stan Wheeler (5/21/2020 5:09:50 + 5 more characters
Yard Sale 2 months ago
400 S. Custer Friday, 8a-6p and Saturday 8a-1p. Antiques and vintage collectables, yard art, steel wheels, books, tools, clothes kitchenware, crafts, fabric, old bottles. Also includes a tablesaw with + 150 more characters