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Cliff is great! He does a great job at a really fair price, and will even diagnose your problem and tell you how to fix it, leaving the option open for you to do it yourself or have him do it.
I have lots. You can call or text me (2zero9-7533) for more info!
I'd eat there if it was good and affordable!
I think a $1000 for a nice 3+ bedroom is perfectly reasonable rent, based on my mortgage payment for my very small 3 bedroom that you'd probably turn your nose up at. I often wonder if the people who + 331 more characters
I was very disappointed to see this too!
I need to chime in with a big thanks to whoever took care of my sidewalk and even my driveway while I was out of town last week. It's greatly appreciated!
Jake was great!! We always really enjoy listening to him sing. D
They still didn't have my workplace's internet up this morning. I think we finally got back on around 10:30 am.
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