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Private companies have terms of service. Parler was warned before they were booted Also Trump and the Republicans want to repeal Section 230 of the Communication Decency Act which shields social media + 115 more characters
Voting by mail leaves a paper trail
Republicans: SOCIALISM Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means. I’d vote for anyone over Trump.
I’m sorry for your loss. I’ve always enjoyed the pictures you posted of Jobie.
I like Sunday Morning Coming Down which pretty much everybody sang though I am partial to Ray Price's version For the Good Times -Ray Price Raise the Dead - Emmylou Harris Fire on the Mountain- Marsha + 70 more characters
It's a sign of the apocalypse when Glenn Beck is the voice of reason.
Happy Halloween, Jobie! You make a great Brussels sprout.
It was tasty. Moist and tender. And went really well with Gunnar's beer
Gunnar, I think it is you. The date was wrong in your announcement.
Too bad you weren't in Sweden where a hospital stay is 100 krona per day. (Exchange rate works out to $12). Darn that socialized medicine.
1. Carol of the Bells 2. Mariah Carey's All I Want For Christmas Is You 3. Yes - I got a Christmas playlist ranging from Jethro Tull, Loreena McKennitt, Elvis Presley to Jimmy Buffet
Work computer on Win 7 IE 9 128 pts Firefox 26 446 pts On a net book running Win XP IE 8 43 pts Firefox 33 451 pts Chrome 38 508 pts Safari on an iPad on 7.1.2 410 pts
Looks like your neighbors logged on
Mine's done
Need to check out the Daily Show url
3 Monarch 14 Emigrant 17 Ringling 27 Cameron 29 Avon 33 Roy
Seems you can use credit cards after all url
My favorite from the Princess Bride "You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means." I always have the urge to use it whenever someone calls Obama a socialist.
Add me to the Bleeding Hearts tally.
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