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Are there any pictures posted of the work on removing the underground gas tanks? thanks, Linda
We lived on Woodbury near the Garfield School until 1950. I was almost 11 and do not remember a tornado. I do remember a horrific middle of the night hail storm in the early 50's that stripped the tre + 97 more characters
Can any of the bricks be salvaged to make a temporary "plaza" on the site until construction of any kind can begin?
HI Take a look at the pictures of the flood from the Yellowstone River in the 40's. I can remember going with my dad down 7th Street to just past Kuilman's Garage. The house across the street had wate + 160 more characters
So sorry to see the devastation. My dad, Berl Stallard, had his first accounting office on the second floor of the Arnold Building in the '40s. I can remember going up to visit and looking down on Mai + 47 more characters
Hi, We are beginning to plan our reunion for the fall of 2007. Wondering if anyone would have some guidance as to new and interesting things to do around Miles. Is the Custer class planning anything? + 314 more characters
Hi, Going to be back in Miles for a few days the end of June/first part of July. Looking forward to trying out the places you have mentioned. Linda
Hi, I have been away from this forum for some time but really enjoyed catching up. I agree that a small dining room perhaps in one of the older homes in town would be nice. I like the idea of a dinin + 969 more characters
Hi, Amorette Yes, Stallard as in bookkeeper. Berl was my dad who passed away in '96. Sorry that I did not answer your post sooner. Got sidetracked by life and the holidays. A restaurant of some kind l + 338 more characters
I would like to see something like the old Crossroads Inn come back in to existance. That was the "dress up and use company manners" place that a lot of us grew up with. Learned to eat out in public, + 870 more characters
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