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No there was no homicide.Someone discharged a handgun in the 700 block of north 4th Friday night. The cops where called and the person that discharged the handgun got in his suv and had the cops chase + 53 more characters
Ok, I think this has gone to far, things are being said that has nothing to do with the vandalism. Andrew and skyler stop slamming people ok! You both know what you did so just leave it alone, your pa + 150 more characters
Hey Gunnar ! I dont know who you are but one of those boys is my son ,and I dont think he is a loser just cuz he made a bad choice!He is paying for his bad choice!
And what does that matter if Andrew is officer Battins son? Andrew is his own person!
Ozzy, Rob Zombie, and Eminem.
OMG! Why don't everyone here grow up and get a life ! Do you drive around town and just find things to b*tch about. He didn't hurt or murder anybody!If I was him I would be getting a Lawyer,I personal + 58 more characters
Hey !! Gunner is calling himself a twit !
What about the high speed chase that happen a few nights ago? A 14yr old was driving at high speed in town and was stopped on Valley dr about 4 miles out !!!!
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