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Anyone know anything about the pedestrian hit on Main last night by a drunk driver? There was about 3 blocks blocked off over by Stockman bank and I heard a little on a police scanner about it being a + 83 more characters
Having attended CCDHS myself not long ago, I can tell you that NO there is no sex education or prevention or anything of the sort. I did't even know birth control was available at the Public health cl + 25 more characters
I didn't know they had pastries, are they freshly baked? I will try them tomorrow, I hope they are not like Walmarts "pastries".
I really think that they should do pastries! I just love driving through Three Forks and getting some pastries and coffee at Wheat Montana! I think they would get A LOT more business if they did! My f + 224 more characters
Normal rent here is around $4-500 a month for a nicer 2 bedroom house or apt, and $5-700 a month for a 3 bedroom. Don't let some insane person who wants to rip someone off and take advantage of their + 637 more characters
I commend you Alicia for having the courage to post anything on this site. I am sorry that you got attacked by a few people for your concern on this issue. The person who did this should instead be gi + 1416 more characters
A 24hr restaurant in Miles City would be a great idea. They would make money. I thought 4B's used to be 24hrs? I know that when the bars close, some of those people like to go out and eat. As well as + 321 more characters
I didn't even know there was a miles cam.
A few years ago my son was finishing up his 4th grade year at Kinsey School. At the end of every year, the entire school takes national tests called Iowa Basic tests. They spend the week doing timed t + 2063 more characters
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