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Sounds like they want to sale out Miles City's history for top dollar. To MARY B, its not about vanity for one persons name its about the history of Miles City and what Uncle Glenn did for the communi + 433 more characters
Try out at MURDOCHS I know that they used to hand out frisbees sometimes and they may have some stashed somewhere.
What would be nice is like a "Hall of Fame" for DENTON FIELD. Have like a plaque with players names and those of the ones who have made great contributions to the field and the sport. Of course someon + 48 more characters
Its hard to believe that people are willing to sell their towns history. Yeah $125,000 is alot of money but Miles City should not compromise the history of the town for it.
Glenn Denton was my Great Uncle who was a WWI Veteran and hero. The field was named after him because he organized baseball in the area. From what the family story says. Amorette if I am wrong please + 465 more characters
When I was home on leave from Iraq I got stopped at the Denver airport. I was in uniform (DCUs) the same uniform I had worn on numerous missions in Iraq. Their little "explosive sensing detector" pick + 547 more characters
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I refer to my exwife as "The Old Hide" But hey thats just me Jeff Newby
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