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Treasure Veterinary Clinic in Hysham is amazing! They can do anything.
we went throught the same thing for 2.5 years. I was home all the time with my kids and dogs and my neighbors would turn us in for everything that had to do with our dogs. if our dog barked at anybody + 1243 more characters
I use them and I love them.
call the livestock auction place they have lots of guys that do it.
yes it was like a flash back. At the end of the Blood and Sand episodes they were killed so I think it was supose to be him seeing his life flash before his eyes kinda thing.
we have 6 doberman,pitbull, labs and then 9 heeler, border collie, mixes
well thank you I appreciate that!
I could use a volunteer after christmas if you are interested. I have 16 puppies and 6 of them will be ready to socailize after christmas and so I will need people from outside my household to come pl + 349 more characters
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