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Time too call in the DUMP TRUCKS and Wreakers. And do some Jail time AGAIN!!! Here ya + 99 more characters
Here is a reality of Solar Energy sites.. Just think....Obama clean energy . For those ignorant of all sources of energy engineering need not REPLY. But just think, NEIGHBOR Billy Bob with solar panel + 285 more characters
Oh sorry for your grief. I was listening to Trump with Wounded Warriors.
Never fear...Western Montana city's will qualify for sanctuary cities and get all the border immigrants. Good luck with that. Oh and don't forget ...western montana gets the grand view of wind and sol + 11 more characters
So far all the Dumbocrats have is CREEPY CRAZY JOE BIDDEN, One of those guys that has never had a real job..Just Politcal positions...Good luck with that!!!
The XL is long overdue..Unless you like Warren Buffett BN trains hauling his Bakken Oil down the Yellowstone River into refineries around Billings. As for Obama BUMMER..Waterways includes a Cow Pissin + 75 more characters
Hey, lets list all the dead people left behind the Clinton crime family.
Oh Darn....No Collusion...So what are the dumocrats going to make up next.... STAND BY FOR FAKE NEWS
No Collusion
So here we are...pervert.. School administrators and school board members of the day are the people that should be jailed and charged... There is no way they knew absolutely nothing!
Fantastic idea Daniel, throw in Oregon and Washington state. We'll pop a Nuc on the San Andreas Fault. Call it Dream Land...Tester can be Nancy VP and never have one of those darn elections ever again + 4 more characters
Take a strategy out of the South Dakota Play book. If you own any residence out of the State of Montana, then your property in Montana is not full time residence and taxes run @ 300% higher.
RE: 401k 4 years ago
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Quit your whining. If you play the Wall Street's Casino. Diverse into physical assets. You don't see Warren Buffet crying and whining. BN Railroad is moving coal and oil tankers like the good old days + 468 more characters
Sooooo Larry we're good too smoke out the spin...lets get this party started... How about them BUSH Presidents 41 and 43?
SHE'S BACK, Nice Bluff MCD. Stay on your Meds. Never fear GUNNAR still has his WIND UP KEY.
The Montana Liberal Students, taught by the Montana Liberal Professors brain washing is the only reason Tester got reelected. Tester overcame Trump's attacks with help from moderates, women and younge + 114 more characters
John Tester is a lazy phony
Native mc ..yes Baucus got sent to China as Ambassador by Obama after he said Obamacare was headed for a wreck. Your right Rosendale is realty, I BAD...Yet still better educated and not a phoney gas b + 60 more characters
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